September 16, 2016

Pay Online

Thank you for choosing The Travel Guru Inc!

If you received the quotation with complete details of your reservation and everything is acceptable at your end, we are now ready to finalize all the arrangements.

Please choose from any of the payment options below:

1. Bank to bank payment. You may bank in your payment to any of the following banks at the branch nearest you:

Peso Account
– Banco De Oro
– Security Bank
– East West Bank
– Metrobank
– Unionbank

Dollar Account
– Union Bank

Please secure bank details from accounting[at]

2. For your convenience, use your credit card or debit card at the convenience of your home. Simply request for an e-billing from & receive your statements at your e-mail account. Then click on the “Pay Now” option and settle your bill in less than a minute.

For further queries on how to settle your payment, please contact accounting[at]

We are looking forward to servicing your travel needs…….